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fifty fifty is an ambient pop duo based out of Boston, MA. The duo comes from very different musical backgrounds, which they combine to create their own unique style. Maggie incorporates post-rock style guitar layers, while Tori creates haunting singer-songwriter style melodies. Both of these elements are tied together by the group's common love for ambient, electronic production. The duo draws sonic inspiration from artists such as Daughter, The xx, and MUNA. 


At the group's beginning, they spent time carefully developing a sound that they could identify with. Their first project was a series of covers released on YouTube that collectively defined the ambient sound they have now. Once they had solidified their identity as a duo, they began writing and producing original material. Their most recent release "Longing" debuted as a DIY lyric video on Facebook, which garnered over 4k views in the first week. 


fifty fifty has been selected to perform in various shows around the Boston area, including The Berklee Groove SessionsJSJ Events' PFC VIBerklee's Electronic Showcase, and The Red Room's Fresh Prospects Show. The duo aims to create a zen live show experience that allows the audience to feel present and connected with music.


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Tori Leche | Vocals & Production

Maggie Fraser | Guitar & Production




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